Italian Culture That I Will Never Understand, But I’m OK with it!

Moving to Italy can be a big change for some of us, and there are just some things that we will never understand about the Italian culture.  Try as hard as I can, I just will not understand some things, but that’s also what makes this place so amazing.

1. They continue to wear their winter clothing in summer weather.

Come on, let’s be real. I could be walking around in my bikini and still be sweating.  Why the heck are they still wearing their scarves!? But, kudos to Italians who can handle the heat.

2. They’re satisfied with their small portion of coffee.

The typical Italian coffee is maybe 1/3 of the typical American coffee.  Thank you, but I’ll take five cappuccinos to get my dose of caffeine.


BUT I still love them for it because coffee-drinking in Italy is something you do not mess around with.

3. Their reckless driving.

I must say, my fear of cars have significantly decreased since coming here. After a while, you get used to the crazy drivers and just hope and pray they stop for you as your use the crosswalk.

4. So many carbs, so skinny people.

Okay, we all know pizza and pasta consist of the typical dinner out.  Someone please explain to me why every Italian I meet is skinny and flawless.

5. Dryers are not a thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging my clothes outside to dry, but sometimes it is so inconvenient and don’t tell me you don’t enjoy a fresh out-of-the-dryer towel after your shower.  I’m not sure why Maytag haven’t made their way into the Italian markets yet…

6. The purse stores.

You can walk down one street and see the exact same purse hanging up in every. single. store.  Being the curious business student I am, how the heck do they make enough revenue to stay in business when they have competition literally a 30 second walk away from them.

7. Why do the babies dress better than me?

Seriously, I could be walking down the street and actually be jealous of a little 2-year old girl’s jacket.  I absolutely love the fact that they dress so nicely at such a young age, but shouldn’t the money their parents spend on their clothes be going towards their college fund?

Can I please have her coat?


Oh yeah, Italians don’t have to pay for college…. tell me again why I’m not permanently living here yet?

8. “Allora”

After being here for a few months, I’m sure you have picked up on the Italian use for “allora.” I swear, the word is used in every situation and pretty much under any context.  From what my research has told me, it’s used like the word “well” in English. Allora regazzi, let’s continue…

9. Their dinner schedule

You know how I mentioned that I’m curious as to how Italians are so skinny after so much pizza and pasta? Well, after hearing their dinner schedule of aperitivo, first course, second course AND dessert leaves me really questioning their metabolism and where can I get that?

What are some things that you have noticed about Italians that you just don’t understand? Comment below!!

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