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Eszaki Talisman Jewellery

In 2016, designer and creator Stephanie Romanow founded Esaki Talisman. This company is an independent producer of talismanic jewellery. All products are handmade and created with passion.

What’s so cool about Eszaki’s products? Each piece of jewellery has geographic coordinates of your choosing engraved. This is your opportunity to pick your absolute favorite spot on earth and carry it with you every day wherever your life’s adventure takes you.

“From a very young age Stephanie has been aware of the symbolic power of objects, and their ability to transmit meaning. She attributes this to her Ukrainian grandparents’ attachment to talismanic objects, and the stories it always lead them to tell. Her childhood was therefore filled with many religious symbols and traditions firmly rooting her in her Eastern European heritage. This is where her infinite fascination with talismanic objects started… No piece is ever designed without intention, and sets out to enrich the wearer’s life.” – Not Just a Label 

Eszaki Jewellery Gallery

The body represented as our most intimate experience with the world

Campus Florence Discount Code: FFFSF

Campus Florence and Esaki Talisman are pleased to offer a 20% discount to study abroad students! Enter code FFFSF at checkout to receive this discount at

Florence students will have their orders delivered directly to the FlorenceForFun office and can pick them up at Via Ghibellina 131/r. Students not in Florence can have their items shipped directly to the location of their choosing.

Eszaki Talisman Contact Information

Eszaki Talisman Email:

Instagram: @eszaki_


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