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Free Museum Sunday – June 3rd

My favorite day of the month is fast approaching! Free Museum Sunday is THIS Sunday and if you’re not busy traveling and have a day to spare to explore Florence this is your chance. ALL of the State run Museums in Italy have free entry every first Sunday of the month.

During my semester abroad I was traveling nearly every weekend. As amazing and exciting as that was it minimized my time to explore Florence. I was lucky enough to be in town for a couple of the free museum Sundays and I took advantage of it by going to a few of the Museums that were on my list such as Galleria dell’Accademia to see The David (This is a must see!)

Plan a day for yourself to wander and explore or plan a day with a group of your friends, either way it’s a great way to enjoy a Sunday in Florence. Before you go, I suggest you pick 2 or 3 museums you want to see that are relatively near each other. The lines can be long on free museum days (although they usually move pretty quickly) and you want to give yourself enough time to enjoy and take-in the places that you are seeing. Plan to start your day early. I would recommend getting to your first museum as soon as they open, that way you will get in faster and be able to have a longer day.

One of my favorite places I have been to thus far has been Pitti Palace, Boboli Gardens and the Bardini Gardens. There is A LOT to see here so if you decide this is where you want to be this Sunday plan on spending most of – if not your entire – day there. Pitti Palace is HUGE and beautiful and both the gardens are attached to Pitti Place so everything is within a close proximity.

There is so much to see and do in Florence, it is one of the reasons why I love it O SO VERY MUCH. Take advantage of this Sunday to explore some of Florence’s treasures. Besides… who doesn’t love FREE things (I know I am a sucker for anything free!) But most importantly, relax and enjoy it. And if you’re not in Florence but traveling somewhere within Italy this weekend, take some time to find a State run Museum near you and go check it out.

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