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Oktoberfest Options — Just a Taste or Full Immersion, we got you!

If you are studying in Florence for the Fall Semester it is more than likely that Oktoberfest is the number one item on your travel bucket list. It is indeed the world’s biggest beer fest, they sell 7 million liters of beer in a 2 week period which is nearly enough to fill three olympic swimming pools.

And guess what? It is just as fun as they say it is. You will meet people from all around the world, dance on tables, swing your beer stein to traditional german songs, eat the best roast chicken you have ever tasted, take epic selfies and make silly decisions like going on the olympic rings roller coaster after you have had two steins of beer!

Having said this, everyone has a different Oktoberfest style and budget. Going to Oktoberfest can cost anywhere from €110 to €400, before you factor in buying beer. So here is our guide to doing Oktoberfest in a way that best suits you and your budget. And your CAMPUS promo code will save you enough to cover at least a couple of steins once you get there!

  1. I’m all in!!! Sign me up.

    Bus2alps make it simple, transport and accommodation in one package. Choose from camping or hostel accommodation and you are all set. You just have to worry about having an awesome weekend at Oktoberfest. Budget: $$ – $$$

  2. I’m half way there.

    Already have accommodation? Use FlorenceForFun for bus transport to/from Munich. They leave Florence late on Thursday so you arrive early on Friday morning in Munich. This saves you a night of accommodation and they drop you off at the main station so you can easily navigate to your hotel or put your bags in storage and head straight to Oktoberfest for a beer. Budget: $

    Already have transport? The cheapest option for the wily and worldly, adventure traveler is the Stoke Travel Camping or Glamping site. Staying here will max out your Oktoberfest experience because the party never stops. Don’t bring valuables, do bring a lock for your bag. Do bring coin change to pay for a hot shower, don’t bring your homework. Budget: $

    If you like the idea of camping but are worried about security and would like to have a little more guidance throughout the weekend, book Bus2alps Camping – they have a private guarded section within their campsite with additional security and facilities. Their guides and staff remain sober to assist campers at the camp ground and throughout the festival. It is just as much fun but with a little more comfort and support. Just in case! Budget: $$

    The campsite sounds fun but you really want a bed to sleep in at the end of a long day at Oktoberfest? Bus2alps has an Accommodation Only options for their Hostel Package as well. Budget: $$ – $$$

  3. I have Friday classes.

    Super sad but don’t worry FlorenceForFun has an Oktoberfest in a day option departing on Friday night, arriving early on Saturday morning so you can line up to get into the beer tents. You have the whole day to experience the festival and Munich, eat giant pretzels, drink some steins, ride the roller coaster then jump on the bus and sleep back to arrive in Florence on Sunday morning.  Pretty hardcore but we have faith that you can do it! Budget: $

  4. I would like to see Oktoberfest but I don’t want to dedicate a whole travel weekend to it.

    Right, we can fix that too. We recommend the FlorenceForFun Prague and Oktoberfest 3-day weekend. Why? Because last year they changed the itinerary so you have 2 full days in Prague then you depart in time to arrive in Munich early in the morning so you have the full Oktoberfest experience starting from lining up for the beer tents at 7:30am. Best of both worlds. Budget: $$

The great news is that your CAMPUS promo code now works on all three websites; www.bus2alps.com, www.florenceforfun.com, and www.stoketravel.com.

Don’t stop at Oktoberfest, you can continue saving on all your tour bookings with our promo code. Have a great semester of travel.

Note: that our budget projections are based on the relative cost of going to Oktoberfest. Accommodation costs during the festival are extremely high.


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