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Myosotis Spa

After spending many years working for other salons, Paola finally started her own beauty salon, Myosotis, in 2009. Paola has created a calming space which is perfumed by lingering essential oils giving you an immediate sense of relaxation as you walk through the door.

Offering waxing, massage, facials and other treatments, Myosotis prides itself on the selection of quality products and creating positive experiences, whether it is for a bikini wax or a stress relieving massage.

Myosotis is conveniently, very centrally located in Via Ghibellina, most of you will walk past on your way to class everyday. Paola works alone so in the event that she doesn’t pick up the phone, it is because she is with a client. Don’t worry, she will call you back as soon as she is free.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 10:00am – 8:00pm
Sunday: Closed

Prices: Waxing
Eyebrow €12 ⇒⇒ €10
Upper Lip €6 ⇒⇒ €5
Bikini Wax €15 ⇒⇒ €12
Brazilian Wax €25 ⇒⇒ €20
Half Leg €22 ⇒⇒ €18
Full Leg €38 ⇒⇒ €30

Prices: Treatments
Massage €80 ⇒⇒ €64
Facial €45 ⇒⇒ €36
Detox Foot Bath €40 ⇒⇒ €32
More treatments available on request.

Campus Florence Discount: 20% off listed services

Campus Florence Favorites

We love Paola, especially during beach season!!! Whether we are stressed and need an amazing massage or we are heading to the beach for the weekend and need a last minute wax, she always takes care of us. Although she doesn’t speak English fluently, she is an expert at what she does and will make sure that she understands exactly what you need.

If you have had a big weekend, try the detoxing foot bath and start the week with a focus on wellness.

We want to know what you think. Tell us about your experience at Myosotis, give Paola a star rating and leave a comment in the section below.

Spa Gallery

How to book!

Call or whatsapp or stop by the shop.
Via Ghibellina 127r, Florence
Cell & Whatsapp: (+39) 347 720 8363


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