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What’s Going On? November Events

November is an exciting time of the year. The weather is finally starting to feel like fall! Now that it’s getting cooler out, you may be thinking to yourself, what are some fall activities I can do in Florence? Although there aren’t apple orchards or pumpkin patches, there are some great events going on in Florence this month. Check out some of our favorites below:

Free Museum Sunday

On the first Sunday of every month, Florence museums offer FREE admission! With only two Sundays left this semester, don’t miss your chance to check out all of the incredible art throughout Florence for free. From the Uffizi Gallery to Museum of San Marco, there is something that is sure to spark your interest! Head over to a museum on Sunday, November 4th for FREE entry! 

Accademia Gallery Michelangelo David Florence

For everything you need to know about the Florence Museums & Churches, check out our new Florence Guide.

Take a Trip to Chianti

This is the best time of year to visit Chianti. Not only will you see the beautiful change of the seasons, as the leaves change colors, and taste the delicious wines, but this is also the best time for olive oil. During the middle of November, the olives are picked and pressed right away to produce the freshest and tastiest olive oil. Take a day to visit Chianti and explore all of the  rich, Italian culture this region has to offer! 

There are so many different ways to explore Chianti. Check out our blog What Kind of Chianti Tour Are You?

Odeon Cinema

As it gets chillier, what better way to spend an afternoon or evening than going to the movies! The Odeon Cinema has box office hits in their original language–that’s right movies in English. Two big movies to hit the silver screen this month are Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, opening November 15th and Bohemian Rhapsody, opening on November 30th. 

Tip: For Bohemian Rhapsody, we suggest waiting a day or two. This movie is going to sell out fast so either show up early to get your seat or wait a couple days to avoid big crowds. And don’t forget that during the week you get Campus Florence Discount.

Ice Skating

Another great fall/winter activity is ice skating! The Firenze Winter Park offers ice skating Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday through Sunday. It’s only €8 to rent skates and hit the ice. On the way there, enjoy a beautiful walk along the river or even take a Mobike if you want. Get a group together for a fun afternoon!


Thanksgiving is a bittersweet time for study abroad students. Although it can be hard to be away from home, luckily there are places all around Florence to help you celebrate! Exact details are soon to come but The Diner and Red Garter will be among some of the restaurants in town offering Thanksgiving dinners. When details are announced, make sure you make your reservations for this holiday event.

Christmas Market

This adorable market is opening November 28th and will stay open through December 20th. This is the perfect place to get Christmas gifts, try foods from all over europe, and get into the holiday spirit! Located in Piazza Santa Croce, it’s easy accessible and will brighten your day!

Don’t miss these awesome events happening right here in Florence!

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