Santi Apostoli Religious Services in Florence in English and Italian

Santi Apostoli Archdiocese of Florence

Serving all English speakers–especially study abroad students–Santi Apostoli offers many religious services in English. They are known to be extremely welcoming to university students as they have an environment that promotes students to connect with their faith, the locals of Florence, and each other.

Religious Services

Daily Mass
Rosary: 5:30 PM (Italian)
Daily Mass 6:00 PM (Italian)
Adoration 6:30 PM

**Italian – ­ English Bilingual Mass are on Tuesdays

English Sunday Mass: 10:30am

Confession (Ask for Fr. Scott):
Tuesday 4­ – 6PM
Sunday 11:30 AM
**Email to schedule a time for confessions

Location and Contact Information

Piazza del Limbo 1, Florence 50123
Tel. +39 055 290 642

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