Clock Tower Bar Crawl Prague Discount Code CAMPUS

Clock Tower Bar Crawl Prague

The Clock Tower Bar Crawl rightly takes its name from the fact that every night they meet under Prague’s most famous tourist attraction, the Astronomical Clock. This will not however be your standard tourist experience!!!

Every night of the week The Bar Crawl will take you to truly local bars, art squats, cocktail lounges, authentic pubs and finish up the night at one of Prague’s most happening clubs.

The line up changes daily based on what is going on in the city – so if you come back again you’ll get a different taste of Prague nightlife!

Getting The Night Started

The Clock Tower Bar Crawl claims and indeed has the most insane Happy Hour to start the crawl. Their power hour is in fact now two hours and consists of Czech draft beer, red & white wine, cocktails, vodka, rum, cuba libre, vodka and rum shooters PLUS free hookah/shisha!

Starting at 8:30pm rain, hail or shine our best tip for this crawl is to make sure you eat first!!! There will definitely not be a problem getting enough drinks.

And in fact there is a long night ahead. Hit up 3 more bars after power hour and finish the night in one of Prague’s best nightclubs. Words from the wise, this is a marathon not a race. Make sure you pace yourself. Prague is one of the coolest cities for nightlife. This is not a pub crawl that you want to leave early because you went out to hard.

TIP: Girls, perhaps leave the heels at home and wear some cute flat boots. Prague is small but you will bounce around from bar to bar and sometimes the walk may be around 30 minutes.

The Experience

At a certain point in the evening, a whole bunch of meat (or veggie pies) will be brought out. This is an Aussie delicacy!!! Just kidding, Meat Pies are the classic Australian Pub meal, perfect for getting through a big night. Highly recommend. You can book yours when you book your ticket online so you don’t miss out, because they are made to order.

And if you want to go crawling in the Clock Tower t-shirt, you can also book and pay for that online.

Keep your wits about you. Keep an eye on the tour leader so you know when the group is heading to the next bar. Keep an eye on your friends and make sure you all stick together. Prague feels small but is actually quite big. And you will have an amazing night partying with people from all over the world.


Book your spot in advance on the Clock Tower Bar Crawl Website. Don’t forget to use discount code CAMPUS to save 10%.

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