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Wombat’s City Hostel London

London is one of our favorite cities to travel to. It has everything from cool history and beautiful art to incredible food and a great night life.

The only downside to London is that it can get pricey fast. One of the best ways to stick to a budget is by staying in a hostel instead of a hotel. The Wombat’s chain has a great hostel nestled in central London you’re sure to enjoy!

They hold true to their mission of “blending the super social atmosphere of a youth hostel with all the amenities you need for a cosy and comfortable stay”. This can be seen from the moment you walk into the reception and you’ll continue to see it throughout your stay at this super cute and cozy hostel.


Upon arriving at Wombat’s City London, from the outside, you’ll see their retro, white neon sign. This is your first indicator the trendy yet vintage vibe of the hostel. Walk inside to be greeted by their friendly staff, ready to get you check-in and ready for your stay in London.

There is a lot to do right here in the hostel. They have a fully stocked bar, which is a great place to meet other travelers. In the bar, they host pong and they have table tennis if you’re looking for a fun way to pass some time. They also have a lounge area right off the bar, another great spot to hang out alone or strike up a conversation with other travelers.

The Rooms

Choose from 8-bed, 6-bed, quad rooms or private twins or double rooms. The rooms come with lockers/safes and clean linens. All beds come with a reading light and a handy USB port. If you forgot a towel, you can use theirs for free! On top of that, you can now use promo code CAMPUS to save an extra 10% when you book directly on the Wombat’s website.

If you are traveling just girls, there is also the option to get a female only room. You will also notice from the photos that they are not skimping on space. Even with the biggest bag or a fully booked room you cannot get under each other’s feet. Although there is only one bathroom, there are mirrors in the room so you can still get ready while someone else is having a shower.

Both their bedrooms and bathrooms are very clean. The rooms are colorful with wooden, white beds. Their bathrooms are in a modern style and kept neat and tidy. All rooms have an en-suite, meaning there is a bathroom attached. A big bonus if you ask us!

The Location

Although there’s lots to do right in the hostel, when you’re ready to explore the rest of London, You’re about a ten minute walk to the Tower Hill Tube station and the Thames River. This is one of the best parts about the location because this will be how you can explore all of London! Trust us–the tube will be your BFF for the weekend.

If you’d rather walk, head north for about 15 minutes and you’ll hit Spitalfields. With a multitude of drinking, dining, and shopping options, you’re sure to find something that captures your attention. You’ll also be close to Shoreditch, an area that is home to awesome nightlife, cool and quirky cafes, and amazing murals. Just about a 20 minute walk from the hostel, it’s definitely worth checking out! Or you can always stay close by with just a 10 minute walk to the beautiful London Bridge.

Final Thoughts

Wombat’s started 20 years ago in Vienna and has continued to branch out from it’s Austrian origins into new locations. Frequently winning best hostel awards, Wombat’s was around before all the big hostel franchises. This reflects in their style and service. Although you are staying in a hostel with a lot of beds, you feel like you are in a familiar place. They genuinely want to ensure you have a great stay and an amazing experience in their city.

The best prices for beds and rooms can now almost always be found by booking directly on the Wombat’s website. And don’t forget that Campus Florence now also has a promo code that will save you even more.

CAMPUS promo code is expanding to include hostels, tours, local experiences not just in Florence but also when you travel. We want you to SAVE wherever you are!

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