Bistro del Mare Seafood Campus Florence Discount
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Bistro del Mare

Located inside Palazzo Gianfigliazzi, just steps from the Ponte Vecchio, Bistro del Mare is known for their excellent seafood. They have fish brought in fresh daily. The environment, their service and their food is both modern and elegant, perfect for a special occasion or when your parents are in town! Their chefs pay close attention to every detail on the plate! With fresh ingredients, beautifully plated dishes, and a young
L'OV Osteria Vegetariana Campus Florence Discount
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Osteria Vegetariana – L’OV

Although they have an outdoor dining space it is way more cool to eat inside. It feels like a gazebo which is bright and colorfully decorated and complemented by the bar which is covered in greenery and the plants that strategically fill corners and hang from the ceiling. The philosophy of the chef is to revisit traditional Italian and international dishes in new and creative ways to present a menu
Ristorante Quinoa Gluten Free Florence Campus Discount
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Florence’s first 100% gluten-free restaurant is located in one of the coolest spaces in Florence. The courtyard has been transformed into an urban garden filled with vegetables, herbs and olive trees. They are certified by the Italian Association of Celiacs which means that everything that you eat and drink is absolutely 100% gluten-free. Some of you may think that gluten-free is synonymous with tasteless, however if you were put to
Demetra Restaurant Kilometro Zero Florence Firenze Full Up Lounge Bistrot
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Demetra Lounge Bistrot

Demetra is Full Up’s newest project. Demetra’s focuses on creating an entertaining and welcoming environment for guests to enjoy the highest quality ingredients. All of their food is organic. Their farm-to-table styled meals mean that you are getting fresh food from local farmers and producers, sourced daily. Their menu is constantly changing based on the season and what is available from the local vendors. Demetra is focused on creating unique
Restaurant Piazza San Firenze Il Toscanaccio Florence Outdoor Dining
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Il Toscanaccio Restaurant

In Italian, when you add “accio” as a suffix to a word it turns something good into something bad. So Il Toscanaccio translates to The Bad Tuscan but it is quite the opposite. Their menu is a combination of traditional Tuscan dishes alongside Italian classics and pizzas. Il Toscanaccio and Cafe Bistro next door are open all day, it is a great place to stop regardless of the hour; for
Restaurant Signoria Osteria Della Condotta Steak Bistecca Lunch Dinner Florence
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Osteria della Condotta

Back in the day, an osteria, or inn, was a local gathering spot where the old men played cards and drank local wine. Over time, while retaining their rustic ambiance, they started serving simple, home-cooked meals. Now, in Florence, they typically offer a more abundant menu which stays true to tradition by including regional dishes and using local produce. Osteria della Condotta has a long list of handmade pasta dishes
Santo Spirito Ristorante Ricchi San Frediano Seafood
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Caffè Ristorante Ricchi

The Oltrarno, meaning Oltre dell'Arno or Beyond the Arno River, is the way that we refer to the area on the south side of the river. Recently, the Oltrarno was listed in an article by Lonely Planet as one of the "10 of the world’s coolest neighbourhoods to visit right now". It has a completely different vibe to the hectic more touristed Duomo side of the river and is well
Osteria dei benci florence restaurant steak lunch
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Osteria Dei Benci

Osteria Dei Benci has just launched a new lunch menu, the theme of which is Be Healthy, Be Hearty, Be Happy. Their daytime menu offers fresh, seasonl produce made into juices, smoothies, panini, salads and light pastas and meat dishes whilst their dinner menu is traditionally Tuscan and hence hearty. An Osteria is different to a Trattoria which serves casalinga-style dishes, things that Italians would typically eat at home. And
Bistecca La Spada Restaurant Steak Florence Fiorentina
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Ristorante La Spada

Dating back to the late 1800s, La Spada comes from a long tradition of serving food and refreshments to locals and travellers. Staying true to its origins, Chefs Giuseppe and Claudio have created a menu of simple, authentic Tuscan dishes – specialties include charcoal-grilled, spit and roast meats as well as classic Tuscan appetizers and pasta dishes. Traditional Tuscan menus are quite meaty, but there are also plenty of options for
Blueberry Balsamic Steak Acqua al 2 Florence Restaurants
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Acqua al 2

If you are looking for the perfect date night spot or place to treat your parents while they are in town (or for them to treat you), look no further than Acqua Al 2. This restaurant is ideally located in the popular Santa Croce area, yet sits on the corner of two much quieter streets. After you have indulged yourself in a delicous multi course meal, because lets's be honest