Campus Florence Discount Speakly App

Speakly – Learn a Language in 100 Hours

We are happy to announce that Speakly is now partnering with Campus Florence to offer you all the opportunity to learn some language before you start your study abroad.

“Speakly is committed to advancing the field of language learning, by using complex scientific approaches and providing validated research to make learning a language simple for everybody.”

The base their learning technique on real-life situations so teaching you the most important words and constructs to help you navigate day-to-day in a new language. The statistical relevance of the things you are leaning. There is no point learning words that you will never hear or use. Combined with methods that will help you commit what you have learnt to your long term memory.

With your Campus Florence Promo Code you can learn for FREE for 3 months.

Study code for Italian: CAMPUS
Study code for French: CAMPUS1
Study code for Spanish: CAMPUS2
Study code for German: CAMPUS3
Study code for English: CAMPUS4
Study code for Russian: CAMPUS5

Note: that the promo codes are case sensitive. You have to use CAPITALS.

How it Works – Download the App on Your Phone

Or register an account on -> choose the language you would like to study -> choose the 3-month plan -> enter the study code that will zero the cost of the plan -> start your studies.



As long as you enter the correct PROMO CODE, the cost of your plan will be ZERO saving you €45. Yay!

Why learn the language?

Everything will be more familiar. From the moment you land to the moment you leave, the things that are written or are being said around you will at least be a little bit familiar. You will be able to ask for directions and understand the response. You will be able to navigate local transport and everyday situations like a pro. Menus will make sense. You will be able to initiate conversations with the locals even if you can’t finish them, the effort to speak the local language already upgrades you from tourist status. Be part of the place that you are going to live and study.

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