Last Supper of Sant’Apollonia

The Cenacolo by Andrea del Castagno is securely housed within the walls of the ancient Benedictine Convent of Sant’ Apollonia founded in 1339. Sant’Apollonia became one of the largest convents in Florence and the first place to commision a Cenacolo or Last Supper in 1447.

The museum is filled with works from Palo Schiavo, Neri di Bicci and Andrea del Castagno. The artwork like many other museums in Florence mirrors a period of time where religion rained supreme in Italy. Most of the artwork in this building is a reflection of major events from catholic religious times, such as the Last Supper, the Crucifixion, the Deposition and the Resurrection.

The Cenacolo and Museum of Sant’Apollonia is open to the public and offers free entrance.  Whether you are an art student, a history student, an art lover or just trying to make the most out of your time abroad in Florence — you can’t help but appreciate the volume of work found in Florence but also the skill and dedication to the creation of these masterpieces.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday from 8:15am – 1:50pm

Price: Free entry!

Campus Florence Tip

Sant’Apollonia is centrally located, very close to San Marco Square. It would just take a second to go and visit, even in a break between classes. It really is one of Florence’s hidden treasures.

Come find us!

Via XXVII Aprile 1, Florence 50129
Tel: (+39) 055 238 8607


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